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LOOK through my pix.... fav the ones u like comment as a bonus =D


:iconfav3dplz: if you dont mind 8D start faving XD :iconfav3dplz:

Forgetful by prosaix Stamp - Hetalia Fan by MJ-Kagamine: EllisZoey Stamp by ValeryaSaku It's MY gallery stamp by dazza1008 Call it arrogance... Call it stubbornness... by prosaix Best weapon by prosaix Superpowers by prosaix I wanna move things with my mind by prosaix Just a little... by prosaix Mental Wi-Fi by prosaix Critiques wanted by prosaix More time... by prosaix Night owl by prosaix Always hungry... by prosaix I need more sleep by prosaix I luff chocolate by prosaix I support ignoring by prosaix Online ads by prosaix My favourite sport by prosaix Can see you... by prosaix Pencil tool love by prosaix Puppy throwing by prosaix Weekend hangover by prosaix ttly txtspeak by prosaix Sleepy head by prosaix Chewing gum by prosaix Individuality by prosaix Slow interwebz by prosaixGTFO beggars by prosaix No thnx 4 v fave plz by prosaix Arachno phobia by prosaix Stupid stamp by prosaix Conker stamp by Subspacecharmander That's interesting by Cathines-Stamps Executionaires by Cathines-Stamps APH: I love Antonio Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Kiku Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Matthew Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Alfred Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Norway Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Iceland Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Roderich Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Feliciano Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Heracles Stamp by Chibikaede APH: I love Prussia Stamp by Chibikaede :thumb272358067: SItaly trip stamp by Julesie APH: I love Lovino Stamp by Chibikaede Stamp - Zuko by Nyfaline Stamp - Awesome Lover by ChiuHatsune Enjoy Video Games by skinnyveestamp School Days stamp by scrillzbee Too much senior-dArama by prosaix Gimme more sleep by prosaix Pretty puppies by prosaix APH: Allies Stamp by Chibikaede APH: Axis Stamp by Chibikaede School teachers by prosaix Zutara Kiss Stamp by Faytale Ikuto Tsukiyomi fan by ChiisanaHoshiTurtle Stamp by Sky-Yoshi Angel Beats- Hinata Stamp by XcookiewolfXLeft 4 Dead PEELZ HERE by NightmareNurseChibi Envy Fan Stamp by Hazel-FoxAPH - I support Spain by Red-StampRoy Mustang Fan Stamp by Echizen-RyomaAPH - I support America by Red-StampEdwardStamp by AdryJustend Team Mustang stamp by AdryJustend


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It's quite simple.

Since this isn't money money >w>

10 points per Person

~Line Options~
Clean Line Art: 10 points
Sketch: Free

~Coloring Options~
Black and White: 20 points
Colored: 50 points
Quick Coloring: 10 points

~Background Options~
(only simple)
Background: 30
No (real) Background: Free

I do not draw:
yaoi, yuri or hentai
no nudes (unless they are covering the private areas) either
animals and french kissing are questionable

Full Color:
MXL - Dreaming by NEIKUUKWOW
ReMake: MXL - Kiss on the Noes by NEIKUUKWOW
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Quick Color:

Clean Line:
I'll Protect You from the Barrels by NEIKUUKWOW


No (real) Background:

>.> I can't guarantee I'll do it fast ^^;
If it's FAR too late, I'll make it special~


U HOMOPOB-Stamp by LinZeldorf U HOMOPOB-Stamp by LinZeldorf U HOMOPOB-Stamp by LinZeldorf
Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama
Not a Yaoi or Yuri fan stamp by sonic2344 Not a Yaoi or Yuri fan stamp by sonic2344 Not a Yaoi or Yuri fan stamp by sonic2344

i dont hate on yaoi/yuri >.> i simply just dont like it...
i'm not mean about it though.
but being called a homophobe just because they dont like is kind of rude... and its kind of hard to avoid this too
all im saying is that i am neutral with this, if you cant understand that, its not my problem

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I have been so dead lately on this account! It's surreal considering how I was when I first got on here. 
Here is an update for those of you who have noticed my absence. 

I have recently graduated from high school and plan to attend community college. I'm not sure how my time will be divided, but I will make time for my drawing regardless of how busy I may be. However some of those doodles won't be posted since most of them will be half-ass sketches. 

Now as for my stories…

Lost Humanity is at that point where it is in dire need of a timeline. That timeline will then make it so much easier for my to script things out. I'm sure some of you will enjoy the lighthearted bantering the characters will have. Jason is a little more human, and the characters are just adorable~!

Intertwined Destinies has changed dramatically since I last spoke of it. I still love this story, but it needs a lot more work for me to script and make a timeline. If you want to know more information, don't hesitate to ask or make any suggestions. There is now a set bad guy, the mind they possess is what makes them frightening and deceiving.

Cyber Warfare, a new story with a basic set of events. I want to draw them but their designs are too complex for me to draw them for enjoyment. It will take time for me to get used to. I have to give them upgrades as you go through the story. If you have any weapon ideas, I'd be glad to hear them.

All my stories are still in development, as is my drawing. I've been sharpening up my anatomy skills so I can make some good fan-service. Who doesn't want that. 

I hope to do an update to my character list to give you an idea to where or when the story takes place. 
Ask about the stories and make suggestions, I'd love to hear them and they could help immensely.
Some of part 4 might be scanned and posted.

One more thing… I am making a nothing Mini-Series soon. Much like "As Seen on Sims 3", I am making something based on the Assassins  Creed game series called "The Stupid Assassin". It's about all my fails and reactions throughout the series. I have a few that some of you may find amusing. However, I want to buy all the games before I entirely start. I have played them all, but they were all borrowed. I'm missing two games out of the Ezio trilogy. I'll do the comics by game, starting with Altair~! *inwardly  spasms*

Anyways, this have been your update. I hope to be active again some day, but for now bai bai.
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I consider myself the pierrot.... I hide my emotions behind a mask, to me no one has to see them... I hope one day, I'll feel the weight of my emotions being lifted...
I have yet to take off my mask..

I LOVE MARX!!!!!!!!!


idk y but i love freaky sad music rather than happy peppy music O_O
i am the following:

i am not a yaoi fan or a yuri fan...... but im not homophobic..... UNDERSTAND THAT


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Kuroi1992 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Yay someone else who's anti-yaoi!!! I didn't know you were but it makes me happy that I'm not alone in that view!! I feel like almost everyone is pro-yaoi and I really just don't care for it. Love those stamps.
NEIKUUKWOW Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
belated response: I am the one of the only girls in my group that doesn't like yaoi, I don't say ant-i since it gives my view such a negative rep. I say I just don't like it, so they won't talk about it with me or around me. I respect their views as they do mine. However it is really hard to avoid it, especially when one of your favorite shows has one of the biggest yaoi fanbases. I don't really ship, I don't like yaoi, I don't like yuri.
Kuroi1992 Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Haha it's fine. Yeah I know how you feel, I'm also the only one out of my group. Yeah, I can understand since people are rather sensitive about it if you don't like it. That's good that your friends are respectful of the fact that you don't like it. Mine unfortunately will still talk about it though they try not to too much because they know it makes me uncomfortable. I know what you mean, especially on here because there is so much yaoi and stuff and even some animes are starting to do yaoi/yuri. I will admit that I don't agree with yaoi/yuri but like you I really just don't like it. I don't think it's as adorable or interesting as heterosexual pairings but that's just my opinion.
matthew-123 Featured By Owner Jan 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Happy birthday Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too Have your cake and eat it too 
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