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Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama Yaoi? No, thank you: Stamp by erisama
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i dont hate on yaoi/yuri >.> i simply just dont like it...
i'm not mean about it though.
but being called a homophobe just because they dont like is kind of rude... and its kind of hard to avoid this too
all im saying is that i am neutral with this, if you cant understand that, its not my problem

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Lost Warfare of Destiny - Um... We can explain. by NEIKUUKWOW
Lost Warfare of Destiny - Um... We can explain.
Nano: Neiku!
Jason: um... We can explain.

Okay this was an actual dream I had around December (I think) and it was about me walking in on these two getting freaky in a closet. This changed the way I looked at them from there on because all I thought was: these two got a thing for each other!
I saw them together EVERYWHERE! Sassing at each other, not flirting but still! In all my sketchbooks, they were together somehow some way.
:iconiloveyou257: Rii-chan was the first to ship this, and even got me to ship it too. So eventually after a month of sitting on this, I made it official. Welcome, Jano.
What happened in the dream. Why? HOW?
Jason and Nano have been having a friends with benefit relationship for MONTHS and it was completely secret until I caught them. They're from different stories so they wouldn't meet unless is Lost Warfare of Destiny (all stories together, outside plot lines). Jason had been feeling down and in need of comfort, Nano was there and understood why he was down and helped him out. One thing lead to another and they ended up doing the nasty. It was consented by both and accepted the consequences. They didn't expect teasing though XD (referring to Aiden)
I could see why they chose each other and I like the chemistry they have. But it ended the escapade of steamy make out sessions in the closet.
Putting a warning just in case.
~Descent and Ascent~ by NEIKUUKWOW
~Descent and Ascent~
This piece is rather personal, but I felt I needed to share it.
I hit a rather dark place recently, I didn't have anyone to talk about it with at that moment. I felt utterly alone.
This was the day after the release Red's new album. During that time was when I first listened to the whole album. Descent hit every nail on the head with how I felt then. When it hit the early songs, I felt so much pent up anger and tears. But as the songs kept playing I felt better and better. I was enamored with its melodies. When it got to Ascent, I felt relief, happiness, and hopeful. All that rage faded and I felt so much more motivated to ascend further. I will never forget that moment, and I will never forget that there is a lot of beauty in life... You just gotta have the courage to go find it.
~Of Beauty and Rage~ by NEIKUUKWOW
~Of Beauty and Rage~
It took me about 5 days to do this, the leaves killed me. I had to cover the entire floor with them. It's a crappy picture taken through my phone. The materials I used were colored pencils (primary), prisma ebony pencil, soft pastel, red and black inking pens, and powdered graphite.
ANYWAYS! I got inspired to draw this after I saw the video to 'Darkest Part' by RED. I first heard the newest album 'Of Beauty and Rage' the day after its release. I loved it btw (I might do a picture about 'imposter', 'descent' and 'ascent' (even if they sound the same)). This album nearly hit every nail on the head, and it drove me to draw my Rage, Kuukien looking all like a Beauty. Even though the albums songs are relatively dark, I wouldn't say that I put any of my bitterness into it.
I tried to do a take on the music video and album cover. I plan to do a digitalize do version one day~
Cyber Warfare - Ransom Doodle by NEIKUUKWOW
Cyber Warfare - Ransom Doodle
I sketched out ransom and well... Here you go XD
Ransom is on of the antagonists in cyber warfare, she takes not crap from anyone!
Masquerade Project - Concept Sketches by NEIKUUKWOW
Masquerade Project - Concept Sketches
Ever heard of that song by The Thousand Foot Clutch? Welcome to the Masquerade!
I wanted to do a little something based off this song, but the idea is so immense, it needs to be broken down.
What I plan to draw out are the dancers (characters) being held prisoner by the hostess (Kuukien). They dance around aimlessly, lost in time and thought, and they twirl around with the music endlessly. The heroine (Neiku) is the only one who can end the trance put on the guests and set them free. Challenge is will she join them in the eternal ball, or succeed?
I most certainly am not. I have not been able to update due to the fact my laptop has turned to poop and my tablet is fried. 
I would scan in art....but lets face it--I'm lazy. :iconotlplz:
I have a nice update on Lost Humanity for those who are still interested in the story. I have decided that what causes the apocalyptic setting is a mutation in the cells of the brain. The mutation effects vision, emotions and overall a persons mental health. It can be triggered in many ways, but the most common one is when a person is rattled and overwhelmed with emotions or the situation to the point of snapping. 
Lost Humanity had gone through immense changes from when I first created it, the ending has taken a sharp left turn. It's still being decided and I'm open to suggestions.
I would love to shed some more light  on my other stories (Intertwined Destinies, Cyber Warfare) but I can't at the moment. 
I will however provide the scripted out intro, hopefully it peeks some interest. 
~Lost Humanity~
Everything we once knew has been taken away from us. We lose ourselves in the feeling of vulnerability, we go mad. We ARE mad. Insanity spreads through out the nation because of a fuck up in a lab, now we have to pay the price. It's ironic, what was suppose to help us for the greater good of humanity turned out to be its destruction. Military personnel were sent here to contain this mental calamity and protect us. Instead, they fell victim and began to slaughter everything they were meant to protect, help slowly stopped coming. Political big wigs eventually saw their downfall and left the country in complete anarchy. There was no such thing as safety anymore..
It's been hard, but what can I do to change it?
My name is Jason Daniels, I'm 16 years old and I'm up against the world.
Jason: *wakes up and groans*
Haru: I see you're awake. 
Jason: *stretches* ugh... What time is it?
Haru: well past noon. Now get up.
Jason: *sighs* my back hurts.
Haru: poor baby *pouts in sympathy* I'm sure you'll be fine, I'll give you a back rub later! *walks out* I'll be with Alexis if you need me~!
~intro end~
Note: this is not the whole thing.
It storyline is pretty much set in stone except the ending and bits of the climax. 
You basically see everything through Jason's eyes as he was forced to grow up at very early age and take on the world for those he cares about. His greatest fear is failing on his promises and letting his loved ones down.

Now for an art update, I am half way through my newest addition in my sketchbooks, Part 5. :iconcheerplz:
This book is literally experimental in every way. I really have to stop being lazy about scanning...But scanned a spine binder sketchbook will be hard.
Welp, that's all I got. I guess I'll pop back in in another century after I rise from the dead.


Story morals. (Roughly)

Lost Humanity: have courage in yourself and persevere, even if times are hard you shouldn't let it drag you down. You have people cheering you on. You may make mistakes, but it's what make us human. 

Cyber Warfare: don't let yourself be labeled by other people, you are your own person. Even if it seems everyone if against you, don't ever let that stop you from doing what's right. 

Intertwined Destinies: we all have a reason to live and we owe it to ourselves to find it. We shape and create our own destinies and have the right to believe in what we want without question. 
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Angel Beats by amest9416

Crying Pierrot by WaveQuestionmark Pierrot by Tomatobesosowo Glimpse by KnightKey
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I consider myself the pierrot.... I hide my emotions behind a mask, to me no one has to see them... I hope one day, I'll feel the weight of my emotions being lifted...
I have yet to take off my mask..

I LOVE MARX!!!!!!!!!


idk y but i love freaky sad music rather than happy peppy music O_O
i am the following:

i am not a yaoi fan or a yuri fan...... but im not homophobic..... UNDERSTAND THAT


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